Jazz believed their pitch to Hayward was as strong as anybody’s

The Utah Jazz did not fully enjoy the fruits of the rebuilding process that began on February 23, 2011 when the team trades Deron Williams. Gordon Hayward’s decision to stop the greener pastures ensures that.

A few months ago, the Jazz seemed to be a franchise to keep in mind in the foreseeable future.

They were a young and growing team with a 51-win season despite injuries to key players, ending a four-year postseason drought and winning a series of playoffs for the first time since Williams’s departure.

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Jazz does not return to the center of the second. The center of the NBA, Rudy Gobert, 25, is one of the talented youngsters who remain in Salt Lake City; But Hayward pinches for Boston, leaving a huge hole in the list.

Jazz evolved into Hayward’s boys, especially in the three seasons since coach Quin Snyder arrived and built the offensive around his developmental skills.

General manager Dennis Lindsey will explore all the avenues, but it is essentially impossible to immediately find a suitable substitute for a No. 1 scorer, especially for a small team market without much room for maneuver under the salary cap.

The Jazz entered the offseason with cautious optimism that Hayward could keep, aware of the appealing options he had to pass his drink, but they were sure that they had launched many reasons for wanting to stay in Utah. Based on free agency, Lindsey took a proactive approach to updating the list.

It was negotiated twice in the first round of the project, especially to enter the draw to select goalkeeper Donovan Mitchell Louisville. Lindsey assured that it would be the proven jazz veteran Ricky Rubio, 26, instead of risking to lose (or overpay) 31 George Hill in free agency.

Utah has worked quickly to get a four-year, $ 52 million deal with Joe English, a sweet-tailed type who happens to be one of Hayward’s best friends.

Gobert is about to begin the four-year extension he signed last fall agreeing on the market for a great man whose ability to master the poor working condition completed and improved Hayward’s set of skills in constant expansion.

The jazz contingent, which included Rubio, Ingles and Gobert and Lindsey Snyder and others, presents a convincing case during Monday’s meeting at Hayward’s San Diego home.

An important point was a specific plan to continue Hayward’s dramatic development, including adjustments to the offensive as his growing participation.