Prosecutors seek gag order for pharma bro Martin Shkreli after his courthouse rant

Federal prosecutors Monday asked a judge to file a Grog Ordinance “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli three days later called them “junior varsity” in the court draw for the journalists covering the trial.

Prosecutors said that Shkreli’s remarks, made against the desperate wishes of his lawyers, “could damage the jury,” according to a petition filed in Brooklyn, New York federal court.

Prosecutors, who believe Shkreli, 34, resumed their publication under a pseudonym on Twitter, despite being excluded from the social media platform earlier this year for harassing a journalist, also wish the judge did not pressure even more.

If they do not receive the silence order, prosecutors want a semi-kidnapping of jurors to protect them from hearing or reading Shkreli’s comments during their securities fraud trial.

And they ask Judge Kiyo Matsumoto to the bar of lawyers and his own prosecutors making comments to the media on the case.

His statement cites a video with a CNBC reporter who asks for Shkreli’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, how he felt about his client’s scathing comments after the trial ended Friday.

Shkreli, walking beside him Brafman, interitait “He’s going to do whatever he wants.”

When the journalist asked Shkreli: “Can you do what you want, Martin?” Shkreli replied: “Yes,” the prosecutor’s move.

Also attached to his move, several articles comments Shkreli and suspicious tweets under the handle @BLMBro Twitter.

Prosecutors wrote: “The Government respectfully exhorts the Court to an order to limit the defendant’s judicial statements Martin Shkreli and lawyers from all parties during the suspension of the trial.”

“From the hiring of jurors Shkreli is committed to the press – in apparent violation of the instructions of their lawyers – in the court itself, at the door of the courthouse and in digital media so as to contaminate the jury,” According to the movement.

“To protect the public interest in a fair trial in which the jury reaches a verdict based solely on the evidence presented in court, the defendant should be barred from other public comments pending trial. A point and the kidnapping of the jury. ”

Prosecutors also wrote: “Unfortunately, despite the pre-trial defense lawyer’s assurances – and the efforts of the defense lawyers to control Shkreli – once the jury has been selected and taken, Shkreli undertook a Campaign disturbance comments on the evidence and witnesses in the press and social media, and making a show of himself and the trial directly in the field of justice. ”

“During the lunch break of June 30, 2017, the defendant made a highly publicized visit to journalists and the public in the overflowing screening room, which is on the same floor of the court where the trial is held .

Among other things, the defendant has repeatedly commented on evidence that the jury heard the day before and the credibility of witness testimony.