ONLY: North Korean defense minister, South Korean defense minister, North Korea’s misiles program is progressing faster in hope. Nuclear and ballistic malates and condemned test of lanzamiento of Sunday.

El norte solitario, which has desafied all calls to ICT in the riñones in weapons programs, including since the tic gran alado solitario, china, ha sido-misil fue trabajo, montada con una ojiva nuclear capaz de golpear la continental From EE. UU ..

The administration of the President EE.UU. Donald Trump denominated caducado TIENE Year by alto immediate to the provocations of Pyongyang and ha advertido That the era of strategic pacification in North Korea ha terminado. Desarme, Embajador EE.UU. Robert Wood says the appeasement of the martes of China and China Era that is done más.

Minister of Defense of Han Min-koo-Told Study of the implementation of the bill “Exitoso en vuelo”.

Musliman Esa-han fracasado continuamente “, said, in reference to a clay of evil designed to travel to 3.000 4.000 km (1.860 a 2.485 Millas).

Se preguntó if the program of recreation of North Korea was in the course of development,. “Yes”

The agencia de noticias KCNA Dicha test launching of an ICT capacity for the realization of a “pesado nuclear ojiva granite”. Su embajador in China in Beijing el lunes that remains Tales lanzamientos de prueba “in any moment and in any place.”

El misil voló 787 kilometros (489 miles) has been routed to an altitude of 2,111.5 km (1.312 millas), KCNA dijo.

Regularmente Pyongyang amenazado It is a system of control of the war of the war by virtue of the exercise of the last military exercises with Corea del Sur and Japón.

Trump y nuevo presidente of Corea del Sur Moon Jae-in will meet in Washington next month, with Corea del Norte.

Luna pone Matt Pottinger, the supervision of the affairs in the National Security Council of EE.UU, the martes and the doubts that continue to the search of “enough, discusing cerrado” between Seúl and Washington, .