It was the kind of photography that simply asked to be subtitled hilarement, mocked on Twitter and photoshopped.Durant a visit to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida Thursday the vice president solemnly Pence touched the titanium cover off the Orion Bay orspace, placing His hand fills just below a sign that read: “Space Flight Hardware criticism” DO NOT TOUCH IT. ”

Mike Brown, a Reuters photographer, captured the moment and his photo was soon devoured by the Internet – eventually forcing NASA to issue a statement saying it was okay for Pence to hit the hardware space and that led the vice president to send a baffling response Same Friday afternoon.

Tweets and photos photos began slowly Thursday night and became full, even at noon on Friday. Many people have compared the photo to one of Trump’s touching a bright orb during his visit to Saudi Arabia, and an iOS developer noted that three screws under Pence’s hand formed “a face with bait.”

And with Photoshop, Pence was suddenly discovered in an Indiana Jones scene and caressed the belly of a snake and next to a Governor Christophe (R) of New Jersey in New Jersey and playing MC Hammer Hammer while singing “T can not Touch this “popular Twitter personality @nycsouthpaw jumped pointed out:” in defense of Pence, “untouched” is in quotes. ”

And many people have attached the photo to reports that Pence called his “mother” his wife and he never eats alone with the woman. On Friday morning, Twitter writer and personality, Shauna Wright touched the photo with this thought: “Suddenly, I understand why not dine with a woman who is not his wife.

Hours later, author Jason Miller of Nashville tweeted the legend: “Pence looked left and then the mother’s right was not there smiled for himself would touch …..”

On Friday afternoon, Pence addressed the joke and joined the internet scams. He tweeted a blurred version of the photo that Senator Marco Rubio said and surrounded the Senator’s face and message (R-Fla.):

“Sorry … @ NASA @ Marco Rubio challenged me to do it!” Then he followed an image in picture that showed a pet porcupine in the epigraph: “Okay … so that’s not exactly the first time this has happened.”

NASA then assured the vice president that he has done nothing wrong, Twitter: “It was good to touch the surface. These are just warning signs during the night we were going to clean everything … way. It was an honor to welcome you!”

The space agency then followed a complete statement. And Rubio entered the match rigor Twitter, adding: “To be fair, I warned @VP that” break it, own it. “”