A rebel passenger, authorities, trying to open a departure gate on a Delta Airlines flight that Beijing struggled with the crew cabin and a passenger and was the shell by the head of a flight attendant with two bottles of wine, a Criminal complaint alleges.

Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, a 23-year-old passenger from Florida, was arrested after the plane returned to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, said FBI spokesman Ayn Dietrich-Williams.

The suspect made an initial appearance in federal court on Friday in Seattle, hearing a charge of interfering with a flight crew. That entails a sentence of up to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $ 250,000.

The battle in the office near Delta Flight 129, which was heading for Beijing with 210 passengers and 11 crew members on board, began when the plane departed near the west coast of Canada about an hour’s flight.

According to a criminal complaint to be made known on Friday, Hudek – who was traveling in first class on a trip to charge a benefit to family members employed by the airline – tried to open the exit door to the front right side of the airplane.

Two flight attendants attempted to subordinate Hudek but were rejected, and continued their attempt to open the door. According to the complaint, Hudek was able to move the door handle mechanism and push the emergency release lever halfway.

The aircraft cabin doors can not be opened at high altitude due to the different pressures inside and outside the aircraft cabin and the Delta aircraft was moving at high altitude at 32,000 feet, which occurred the incident. However, at a lower altitude, according to the complaint, it was possible that the door opened.

The flight attendants were passengers informed that they needed help then. During the altercation, Hudek hit his flight crew twice and hit another passenger attendant with a bottle of wine. Hudek again tried to open the exit door.

Slowly, as the fight continued, another flight attendant took two bottles of Hudek’s wine and hit him on the head, breaking one.

“Hudek did not seem to be affected by the breaking of a liter bottle of red wine over his head, and instead he shouted,” Do you know who I am? “Or something in that sense,” according to the complaint. Hudek was able to separate several times during the altercation.

Several first-class passengers and flight attendants were finally able to keep Hudek long enough to put him in the wraps of tying. It was “very combative” to Seattle and must be retained by several passengers until the plane has landed Delta, according to the complaint.

“The passenger was stopped on board and was taken off the flight by the police without incident when the plane returned to Seattle,” the airline said in a statement.

There have been no contradictory reports shortly after the incident. Initially, two people who knew him told CNN that the man tried to get into the cockpit, but the altercation took place just outside the cabin door in the kitchen before.

But Cooper later said it was wrong, and he and Dietrich-Williams described the incident only as an assault on a crew member.