Editor’s note: Tesla Model 3 production should start today. No, the plant will not pump Fremont’s Tesla electric car model 3 in the hundreds or thousands today. However, the people and machines you are hoping to make in a year will warm up today.

The foreign Dreadnought awakens a deep sleep after being created by Victor Frankenstein Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and some relatively unknown Panasonic characters. It is a capital day, so we thought it was a good time to share this interesting commentary by Charles Morris EV annex.

From the beginning, Tesla is committed not only to rebuild the car, but the automaker. The California pioneer has eliminated many things that are considered commodities of the traditional automobile industry, including dealers with high-pressure sales pitches (hurray!) And massive marketing machines for dazzling ads and free gifts for reporters (Boo! ).

This concept is not only applicable to Tesla – it is a standard part of the Disruptor Playbook. Traditional industries spend a lot of effort and money on things that were important decades ago, when these industries were founded, but in many cases, technological advances and changes in society have made these things useless or even counterproductive.

Are the workers of human factories are another of those obsolete concepts? Since Henry Ford pioneered the assembly line for more than a century, some factories have been automated gradually, and in the last few decades, this transition has changed gears. Modern automotive plants are the showcase of robotic technology, which greatly improves productivity.

The robotics revolution was well advanced before Tesla came on the scene. Many see Toyota as the leader in terms of maximizing productivity through efficient production technologies and techniques. The student has learned from the master – Tesla bought his Toyota at Fremont plant in 2010 at a good price, and the two companies have worked together for several years because Tesla supplies batteries for the Toyota RAV4 EV.

Today, Tesla’s manufacturing facilities are as technologically advanced as, anywhere in the world. Elon Musk said 542 robots working on the Fremont line at the start of production of the X model, and KUKA Robotics began installing 467 more in May. According to a recent Forbes article, factory production has increased 400% since 2012. But, as always, musk wants more … much more.

An assembly line is planned without any human laborer. “You can not have people on the production line if you drop people’s speed,” he told stock analysts in August. “So there will be no people in the production process itself. People will maintain the machines, upgrade and manage defects.”

The factory of the future, musk called “foreign battleship” will start with the start of production of Model 3, and Tesla expects to have a fully human version 3 without interruption in a few more years. Elon is an avid reader of science fiction, and he has undoubtedly mixed emotions in unleashing the world Dreadnought – makers who do not require human workers were basic dystopian parables of at least Pianist Kurt Vonnegut, published in 1952.