We can have a good sense of the color Tesla Model 3, which will be offered at launch by checking the spy photos of the model 3 revealed in recent weeks. But what types of wheels will be available? This information appears to have been leaked through patents filed by Tesla recently published online.

According to X Auto World, “Since Tesla actually submitted patents and got approval on all three-wheeled designs [see below], we can rest assured that the final production model will be 3s wheels not just wheels on the base wheels even If the candidates have to leave the similar wheel caps. ”

V-spoke wheel design. “This wheel design first appeared in the early 3 pm model presentation model on the silver prototype 3. These wheels are the most common views of the candidates for The version 3 model frequently seen in recent months.

The terminology of V-spokes is popular among the enthusiast community of Tesla referring to 10 rays forming beautiful V 5 forms of the wheel. Compare the design of the V-dash wheel presented by the Tesla patent with the actual wheel overlooking a candidate for release recently discovered at Harris Ranch. ”

Aero Design Wheel. “This wheel also made its first public appearance at the first presentation of the event in the last gray model year prototype 3, but since a prototype, alpha or candidate for release has never been seen in a picture released.

Until one day, after the visit to the factory Tesla VIP, Andrew Batiuk and company found a blue model with three wheels these airport on their espionage mission that took them to a confidential Tesla medium. Compare the patented design with the wheel of a model model of 3 in the real world. ”

Design of wind turbine wheel. “Tesla has obtained approval for the design of the wind turbine wheel because the Tesla fans refer to it (photo below) .This design was only observed during the first presentation of the event model 3 of last year and Has been out of the public eye since then.

The design of the Model S turbine wheel is very different from it and, in my opinion, is best compared, but for a mass produced electric car $ 35K, it does not matter at all. Compare the patented design of the only time we saw a red model 3 in the initial presentation. “Note: This wheel has also been seen on the initial Gigafactory tour.

Left: the wind wheel design presented by Tesla of patents and approved on June 6, 2017 – Link to patent patented PDF. On the right: the wind wheel as seen on a red prototype model 3 unveiled at last year’s event. Photos by Tesla. (Source: X World Auto)

This latest wheel design seems less likely to put into production since we have not seen in the candidates for release. However, it is conceivable that the wheel can later be proposed as an option for the operation of the model “Model ridiculous” Model 3. In all cases, we are eager to see configurator model 3 on the Tesla website. There is much more in the future once it finally revealed.